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A lot of plans come from no plan.

The word "no plan" reflects our deepest aspirations, and embodies our spirit of flexibility, creativity, and co-creation.

No plan for the client

Let's make a plan together!

  • We work with our clients and users to plan projects and create the best products! Plans are made together, and through this we find the best solutions!

Please feel free to consult with us!

  • Whenever you have a new idea in your mind, please feel free to discuss it with us. We value the opportunity to think together and give shape to our ideas. This is why we use agile development.

Let's change it.

  • Changing mindsets are a process of growth. We embrace that change and remain flexible.

No plan for the organization

Breaking down stereotypes

  • We are not bound by stereotypes, but always look for new ideas and technologies in pursuit of innovation. Our quintessence is to keep trying, without fear of change.


  • We will not hesitate to put ideas we think are good into practice! Our goal is to continue to be a flexible company that is not afraid of failure and can take the best of the best.

Challenging spirit

  • We are always willing to give it a try. These simple words encapsulate our attitude toward challenges. The courage to take the first step into the unknown is the source of new value.

Pyramid of Culture

This pyramid has "Just do it" at the top and is supported by "We are grateful and respectful, we are willing to learn, and we have a deep trust in technology" as its foundation. On top of this is the desire to always keep motivation high and not be afraid of trial and error.

Inverted pyramid of organization

Our organizational structure is based on an inverted pyramid model in which the market, the client, and the team members are given top priority. Based on servant leadership, leaders support their team members, and team members, with the support of their leaders, put the success of the client first. This creates a culture in which each person takes initiative and all members work to improve each other's performance.

The organization that aims to harmonize these efforts is "no plan, Inc."

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