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In addition to the two founding members, there will be designers, producers, management, engineers, and about 10 other people.

Shogo Okamuroの顔写真
Shogo OkamuroDirector and CEO
Formerly with Kayac.

I revolutionize with our members and clients, incorporating technologies and interesting ideas like web3 and AI. I would also like to actively work on new business areas and develop businesses that can contribute to society, centered on our Singapore base.


Aoi Serikawaの顔写真
Aoi SerikawaDirector and Co-founder/CTO
Formerly with Kayac.
Blockchain Engineer
Technical Advisor, JPYC inc.


・IVRC 2015 'Meiwa Denki Award', 'Hakosuko Award'

・YAPC::Okinawa 2018: Best LT Award
・2nd Tokyo Bitcoin Hackathon: Winner
・Off-chain Academy Hackday HashHub Award
・BCH Devcon in San Francisco: Winner
・Tokyo University of Science Hackathon: SoftBank Cloud Award, Emargo Award
・State of chain in Vietnam: Finalist
・Ontology Blockchain Hackathon: Runner-up

・Binance Hackathon in Global: 4th Place
・WEB3 x Entertainment Creative Hackthon/Ideathon Accenture Prize
Fracton Hackathon vol.1 First Prize, Dentsu Prize, TheGraph Prize

I want to change the world with the overwhelming power of technology.

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