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We provide technology and knowledge for a variety of applications👍

PoC for web3 applications

"We are here to help you."

  • Total blockchain technology consulting
  • Fast minimal release using Scrum development
  • Upgradable contract development for flexible PoC
  • Let's do it together, even if you have no plan

✨Technology Selection

"From chain selection to the total system"

  • Chain selection
  • Cloud environment selection (AWS, GCP, Firebase, etc.)
  • Development language and framework selection
  • Application platform selection (Web, mobile apps)
  • Team development support using scrum development
  • Assumptions under heavy load, test scenarios, load balancing


"EVM compatible blockchain application development is a specialty"

  • Smart Contracts
  • Support for development of services using smart contracts
  • Design, develop, test, verify, and deploy smart contracts


"We support development and other activities ranging from token transfers to complex applications."

  • About Defi
  • DeFi Development
  • DeFi design, development, testing, Verify, deployment, and operational support


This technology can reduce gas costs by consolidating Transaction

  • About Layer2
  • Development of products using Layer2
  • R&D for Optimistic Rollup
  • R&D for ZK Rollup


We also do "ReCone" and other NFT products.

  • About NFT
  • Increasing the value of NFT
  • NFT publication support
  • Development of websites and platforms using ERC-721, ERC-1155
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