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In addition to the two founding members, there will be designers, producers, management, engineers, and about 10 other people.

Shogo Okamuroの顔写真
Shogo OkamuroDirector and CEO
Formerly with Kayac.
・Iizuka Application Contest 'kontact' Grand Prix and 2 other awards
・MashupAward 'FeelingCall' KDDI Web Communications Award
・MOVIDA JAPAN Award at Fukuoka Business Digital Contents Awards 2015
・Grand Prize (Best Work Award) at the Kyushu App Challenge Caravan
Iizuka City Mayor Award / Bit Isle Award at Iizuka App Contest

I want to innovate with new friends and services that pursue people's desire for true happiness.


Aoi Serikawaの顔写真
Aoi SerikawaCo-founder/CTO
Formerly with Kayac.
Blockchain Engineer


・IVRC 2015 'Meiwa Denki Award', 'Hakosuko Award'

・YAPC::Okinawa 2018: Best LT Award
・2nd Tokyo Bitcoin Hackathon: Winner
・Off-chain Academy Hackday HashHub Award
・BCH Devcon in San Francisco: Winner
・Tokyo University of Science Hackathon: SoftBank Cloud Award, Emargo Award
・State of chain in Vietnam: Finalist
・Ontology Blockchain Hackathon: Runner-up

・Binance Hackathon in Global: 4th Place

I want to change the world with the overwhelming power of technology.

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