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We make many plans.



We develop web and mobile applications, provide solutions using cutting-edge technologies including AI and blockchain, support digital transformation of businesses, and provide consulting services to build team training and scrum development.

Also, we will contribute to business development as a partner regardless of the size of the company.

Contract-based Development
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We provide system development, support for the introduction and operation of cloud services, and development of web and smartphone applications according to your requirements, including AI and web3 technologies.
Technology strategy, review of business processes using Scrum and efficiency improvement through systemization,
Consulting services such as support for the launch of new services.



We value partnerships with our clients and aim to grow together.

Also, we support business growth and technology for clients in a wide range of industries, especially startups and small and medium-sized companies.



We are constantly updating information about new projects, corporate partnerships, media coverage, events, conferences, sponsorships, and other information about no plan inc.

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